Consider working with us to guide you toward the art that fit your needs, environment, and budget. We can suggest various options for a small or large collection, or help you create an exciting artistic environment with art and framing that suits your taste and style! 


Bertoni Gallery offers a huge selection of framing options (over 2,000 frame samples!), from traditional wood and metal frames with embellishments to more modern designs, in a variety of sizes and colors!  We also specialize in shadow boxes and stitch mounting.  

Canvas stretchers are also available for all of your painting framing needs.


We preserve your fine art using conservation mounting methods in all of our frames.

Bertoni Gallery offers hundreds of acid-free matting options in a range of colors and textures, such as linen, velvet, and 100% cotton museum-quality matting.  Multiple opening matting is also available to frame several pieces together.  We offer fillets as an added decorative elements for your designer framing needs.


And finally, we have additional options and accessories, such as engraved title plate and beveled accents to create your own one of a kind custom framing order! 

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Frame Room
Frame Room
Matting Selection
Fillet Samples
Canvas Stretchers
Metal Frame Samples
Stitch mount in progress
Finished stitch mounted flag
One of our shadow boxes