"Movement is always the starting point for my mixed media collage works on paper.  I always want a suggestion of movement indicating life. We start life as movement from one being to another, forming the beginning of the self.  As we develop and move through our existence on earth we create a life path or evolution through time. That is what I try to capture in a surreal atmosphere.


Evolution is evident both in the process as well as the concept.  We evolve as humans throughout our existence on this earth and the process that I use evolves with time as well.  Often using old paper elements from childhood and incorporating them into the now, it seems to blend the concept of past and present burring the concept of time.. 


My current work reflects a self portrait of thought while attempting to break down cultural stereotypes through a visual language using female imagery.  My hope is to get the viewer to think about the visual story and how it relates to their own views and thoughts.  Hopefully it opens an internal dialogue with the viewer and enriches their perspective."


All pieces are available for purchase - for more information, please contact us at

(845) 469-0993 or at bertoni@optonline.net

Bertoni Warwick | 50 Main Street, Warwick, NY 10990 | (845) 324-8686 | bertoni@optonline.net

Open Wednesday - Satruday  11am - 6pm  -  Sunday 11am - 5pm (Other times by Appointment)

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