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I am a self taught artist and have a line of wearable fun jewelry and decorative objects. Some are crafted from mostly recycled material such as coins, buttons, shells and beads

from vintage necklaces.

I embellish my balsam filled creations with embroidered beads, antique buttons, earrings and vintage doilies.

I enjoy creating for home, garden and adornment. These treasures can inspire and be saved.

Diane Woznicki

Diane Ouzoonian
Diane Ouzoonian
Diane Ouzoonian
Diane Ouzoonian
Diane Ouzoonian

These toy prints were inspired from my love of childhood play toys.  The reclining nude is from a collection of life drawings I create at Seligmann Center in Sugar Loaf that I facilitate on Tuesday mornings.

Diane Ouzoonian




Pottery is my passion.  I love making beautiful pottery, it makes me happy.  I love it when the people who buy it love it as much as me.

Angela's Pottery


Whether it was a summer trinket picked up during childhood trips to Maine or a family gift, jewelry has been a fascination for Erika from a young age. Hands-on jewelry design started for her with evening classes in Metalsmithing, leading to a passion to create timeless, personal jewelry. Based in New York, and Delray Beach, Erika is strongly inspired by nature, interpreting shapes in a minimalist fashion, incorporating vibrant color. ERD represents a diverse collection of contemporary fine jewelry in mixed metals (gold, sterling silver) and gemstones. The collections include unique handmade designs as well as limited editions series.

Erika Rosenbaum

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Susan Christison


I have been creative since early childhood, expressing my artistic side through my drawings, paintings and crafting.  As a teenager, I taught myself how to crochet and have continued this passion for 40+ years creating a wide variety of crocheted items.